Message regarding voting and Election Day

Rice students, faculty and staff,

We want to thank - and congratulate - all of the students working at the polling place at Rice Stadium this election season.  Mayor Sylvester Turner challenged Rice, the University of Houston and Texas Southern University to a spirited competition over which campus could attract the most early voters.  Voters at Rice have risen to the challenge, and the three universities challenged by the mayor together now account for more than 15,000 early votes.

If you haven’t already voted and you’re registered in Harris County, please take the time to drop by the stadium and cast your ballot.  Early voting continues through today.  You can also vote at Rice Stadium on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Election day is a regular class day. Of course, interest in this election is very high, and many students will be watching the returns on Tuesday night.  As has been previously announced, no assignments can be due election day, and all instructional material covered that day must be made available asynchronously.  We have also asked the faculty to exercise as much flexibility as possible on the day following the election.  We know that some faculty plan to use this time to discuss the elections.

We understand that this is a momentous election, and that many have intense feelings about the outcome. There have been a number of virtual events scheduled leading up to the election. We imagine that after the election many in our community will want to learn more about and discuss the implications of the results.  We hope to announce a number of such opportunities soon. 

Above all, please encourage everyone you know to exercise the right to vote, and take the time to do so yourself.

David W. Leebron                                          

Reginald DesRoches